The duo's ensemble is on the new album is detailed, multilayered and truly enjoyable.” (Full article in Estonian)

„Joonatan Jürgenson (klaver), Rene Laur (saksofon). "Pildid lapsepõlvest".” - Ajakiri Muusika, detsember 2021

Tiiu Sisask

„Album. Pildid lapsepõlvest. Rene Laur, Joonatan Jürgenson (JJ 2021)” - Klassikaraadio, Album

10. november 2021 

Nele-Eva Steinfeld

„Delta. Külas on helilooja Jonas Tarm, pianist Joonatan Jürgenson ja saksofonist Rene Laur” - Klassikaraadio, Delta

22. oktoober 2021 

Nele-Eva Steinfeld


„Album. Joonatan Jürgenson. Schumann ja Tšaikovski. (JJ 2020)” - Klassikaraadio, Album

31. märts 2021 

Nele-Eva Steinfeld

„[...] the music on the CD has been recorded with high professional standard, representing intelligent style free from excessive elements.” (Full article in Estonian)

„Joonatan Jürgenson” - Ajakiri Muusika, november 2020 

Jorma Toots

Exceptionally enjoyable was the dialog between the solo instruments in the performance's second mouvement Adagio.” (Full article in Estonian)

„Maailma lõpus on orkester” - Ajakiri Muusika, mai 2017 

Anneli Tarkmeel

Pianist Joonatan Jürgenson's performance was very good, additionally they had fine ensemble with the conductor. There are a lot of Mozart-like figures in the Double Concerto of young Mendelssohn and Jürgenson performed them with enchanting ease.” (Full article in Estonian)

„Kevadkontsert oli nime väärt” - Saarte Hääl, Saarlaste Päevaleht, 5. aprill 2017 

Erki Aavik

It caught my eye, that the young man with a calm manner of playing could attune the music very sensitively to the ensemble. We will definitely hear more from this talented pianist in the Estonian music scene.” (Full article in Estonian)

„Orkestriga saabus tõeline kevad” - Meie Maa, Saare maakonna päevaleht, 4. aprill 2017

Anneli Tarkmeel

He is definitely a young, talented and masterful pianist whose performance was inspiring to follow.” (Full article in Estonian)

„Joonatan Jürgensoni klaverikontsert Nõo muusikakoolis” - Nõo Valla Leht, 1. oktoober 2016

Milvi Pensa